Parelli Tuition

As a Licensed 2** Instructor, I am licensed to teach Groundwork, Riding and Liberty - Levels 1-4 in the Parelli Programme.

I teach private one-to-one sessions or groups of up to four students.

I regularly travel around East Anglia. Please contact me for details of lessons in your area.

To make the most of your lesson, the basic equipment of a halter, Carrot Stick™ and string, and 12' and/or 22' line will be required, although I am happy to loan my equipment to you for your first lesson.

Please be prepared for all types of weather!



My hourly rate is £45 an hour and this can be shared between two students if they are sharing a horse.
Or if there are two students each with a horse the hour will be charged at £25 each.

There will be no charge for mileage if you book a lesson when i am visiting your area. However, if you decide to have a lesson at a different time a mileage charge will apply (at the standard rate of 40pence / mile).



Reduced prices for students travelling to my yard for lessons, either in floodlit menege or Parelli playground. £35 per hour (£10 discount) or £70 for two hours (£20 discount).

Relationship First
I Promise to put my relationship with you, my student, first. And I promise to help you put the relationship with your horse first. Rather than perfecting the task we will care more about confidence, trust, motivation and willingness true horseman do.


Four Savvys
I promise to help you become well-rounded in your savvy both on the ground and riding; to prepare you for success at every level - to read your horse, understand his Horsenality and develop your savvy skills Online, at Liberty, in Freestyle and Finesse.


Never Ending Self-Improvement
I promise to inspire and support your quest for never ending self-improvement. The Parelli Pathway and Savvy Club will guide you to success and help you measure your progress every step of the way.

The Parelli Professionals Promise

© 2015 Claire Burgess