Thank you for such an inspiring day.  I can really see now how my body language was given mixed signals.  I am really excited about practising the suggestions you had for me and trying out the new games.  Thank you for giving me the different ideas of incorporating the games into everyday interaction with my horses. 

Kim French

Chloe and Ayla

It's been a couple of weeks now since Troy was over at your yard for our training week. I thought you would find some feedback valuable.
Troy settled in very well and got used to being out in his paddock quite quickly, which made him look to me rather than want to be with other horses, who he could see in the next paddock. I felt very relaxed and made to feel at home.

I really learned so much and in doing so Troy was able to understand what was wanted and at each lesson we made so much progress. I loved the way you questioned me all the time, how did I feel, what did I see, how did Troy react and what did I do to cause that particular reaction, what would I do differently next time.

You made me think and observe everything I was doing and watch Troy's expressions and every little try. You really observed me and tuned in to what made me tick and therefore helped me understand myself. I am realising a huge difference to my realionship with Troy and I can't wait for my next lesson. My only small down is that you did not have a mounting block big enough for me to get on Troy all 17.2hh.

Claire you are a quite remarkable young lady with many Parelli learning hours ahead of you and I feel you will be very sucessful in your chosen career as a Parelli Instructor.

Shiela Brace

Troy an Honey

Claire has helped me recover from a very shaky relationship with my horse Indie. After a terrible accident which left us both very mistrusting, she helped me gain confidence in my horse aswell as myself.

She taught me so much about my horse and the reason why she reacted so extremely and then taught me what to do in those situations and how to help my horse.

Indie now is transforming from my nightmare to my dream horse and a real partner. All thanks to Claire's experience, knowledge and patience helping us both more than I could ever had imagined. 


Thank you so much! 

Melissa Warren


I have a beautiful dominant LBE Andalusian called Lolly. When she was two I gave birth to my son and Lolly took charge! Claire came to my rescue and I've never looked back. Claire is always helpful, considerate, clear and very patient with me!  My dominant LBE is now six and an absolute pleasure.  My son, now 4 1/2 has his own pony and he also has lessons and attends Claire's amazing clinics. He is also now playing with Lolly...I never thought it would happen! Thank you Claire for all your help in the past and for your continued help and support, without it we would not be doing the things we do. 

Debbie Lock


I can't recommend Claire enough! A bright, confident, reassuring and inspiring young lady who gave us both the ability to discover what our mare needed, the confidence to put it into action and the joy in seeing positive and lasting results.


Claires clinics are a real tonic, meeting and working with people who want the best for their equine partners is so refreshing and coming home knowing you are making a difference to yourself and your horse without any "ego's " is a good feeling.  Its really like being part of a caring and genuine family and we are so glad we found Parelli and one of their marvellous Instructors.

Ros and Holly


 I found Claire four years a go. How has Claire and Parelli helped me? In so many ways.

What was easy for lots of people I found hard. My very first pony way back when I was a child, took what confidence I had and destroyed it. But my love for horses was so great I stayed with it. Thanks to Claire my understanding and leadership has grown. Making the time I spend with my horse Pepper a safer and much more fun place to be.

The clinics are great fun. After every clinic we come away inspired and looking forward to the next one. There is nothing you can not achieve when you have a great instructor like Claire I can not thank you enough.

Vikki and pepper

Vikki Lear


Claire supported my journey for 2 years. She is a wonderful teacher and friend.  Thank you Claire x

Kate Street

Maite and Tuff

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