How do I join?


Please download and complete the Enrollment Form and return to Claire via the address on the form. 


Should you have any questions, please contact Claire on 07894 873008 or email her at



How does is work?


You are free to take single hours at a time or choose to focus on longer sessions. You may like to consider a lesson hacking out, cross country or something specific needing more time. 


The year's monthly payments must equal the number of hours of lessons taken over the year. The lessons have to be taken in the 12 month period, payments will not be reinbursed if you do not  use all your hours. 


You can cancel at any time, providing your payments cover the cost of tuition already received.

What is included?


  • Free enrolement with no hidden costs.

  • A minimum of 10 hours tuition a year paid by direct debit.

  • Priority booking on all lessons, playdays and clinics.

  • A further 10% discount when booking clinics with your horse.

  • Complimentary video tuition.

  • Special invite only Playday Clinic and games

  • No cash transactions

If you want or already have regular lessons, it may be more rewarding and beneficial to join the Bonhomie Club. It allows you to take as many lessons you need immediately but still only pay the same monthly direct debit.

The name Bonhomie means “good nature between friends”.

Bonhomie Club

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